Portable Classrooms for Rent Available Auckland wide

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Portable construction offices for Auckland

Mopod NZ began providing high quality portable construction offices in May 2010. Our business has grown fast to meet the quickly changing demands of the construction industry in Auckland. Learn about our available construction options in Auckland. We design and build professional Portable Construction Offices The Mopod Mobile Office Space has the design and style […]


SEHC Junior School Finds Mopod Portable Classrooms Excellent For Repositioning

Based in Otara, SEHC Junior School finds Mopod portable classrooms brilliant for small group teaching and handy for a private one to one meeting. Mopod’s portable classrooms used as withdrawal rooms Used for not just teaching, the portable classrooms have become useful for meetings like the Resource Teacher: Learning & Behaviour (RTLB), Group Special Education (GSE) and RLIT. […]