Cabins to Rent For Portable Versatility and Comfort in New Zealand

Cabins to Rent For Portable Versatility and Comfort in New Zealand

Cabins to rent in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Looking to add an extra room on your property? Rent a versatile and luxurious portable cabin on your section today. Learn more in our latest Mopod blog post.

Get more space with Cabins to Rent from Mopod Today

Do more with the available space on your property with cabins to rent from Mopod NZ. Mopod offers 3 different variations of cabins available to rent depending on what you are wanting. These cabins start from just $90 per week to rent and they are very easy to install as they only occupy a small amount of space on your property. This makes Mopod cabins the perfect option for anyone no matter the size of their property.

3 Different Types of Portable Cabins Available

Mopod offers you 3 different types of portable cabins which are very easily set up, installed and delivered to your own backyard. There are Mopod studios, offices and classroom cabin options. There are also several different set up options within each of these cabin types to meet individual users needs. Contact our team for any enquires.

Cabins to Rent are Luxurious and Comfortable

Mopod cabins look great and feel luxurious inside. These cabins feature only the most modern and stylish fittings as well as a COLORSTEEL roof installed. Mopod cabins are also unique as they are so darn versatile. This is because you only need a space of 6 by 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high in your section to install one of them. They are also fully insulated and have electrical wiring certificates.

Rent a Portable Cabin with Mopod Today

Rent a cabin with Mopod now! The process is so quick and easy. Mopod also offers finance options from MTF Henderson for purchasing cabins if you do not have the money up front. So what are you waiting for? Try out a Mopod cabin today! Visit us on our website now or call us toll free on 0800 466 763 to enquire about portable cabin to rent today.


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