Caravan Hire vs Mopod Cabin Hire

Caravan Hire vs Mopod Cabin Hire

At Mopod we often get the question “Why should I choose a Mopod over a caravan?” So here is our complete review of caravan hire vs Mopod cabin hire.

Caravan Hire vs Mopod Cabin Hire – What to choose?

When deciding whether you should choose caravan hire vs Mopod cabin hire there are a lot of different things you have to take into consideration. Although at first, they both seem quite similar there are still huge differences.

Caravan hire

When hiring a caravan you get a great place to sleep and you are better protected than in a tent. A caravan is a great way to experience New Zealand and is a very popular for camping holidays and taking the caravan to the beach section.

Nevertheless, in a caravan you will have to stay warm during the cold months. And as we all know, the weather in this country is changing a lot. Furthermore, you never really feel like home because it is still “just a basic construction.” You simply don’t have the superior comfort that you feel when sleeping in a Mopod cabin.

Mopod cabin hire

With a portable Mopod cabin you can travel around the country and still feel like living in a real house. You basically take your home with you everywhere you go and there are no restrictions on where you can travel. Furthermore, with fully insulated floors, walls and ceilings you won’t freeze during the cold months. Our Mopod’s are fully transportable just like a caravan and you can take it anywhere you want.

A Mopod cabin is a wonderful combination of a normal house and a caravan. It unites the best of both worlds. You have the mobility and a comfortable house at the same time. It is an investment in yourself as you will be able to relax a whole other level.

Another huge advantage is that a Mopod cabin is much more comfortable and spacious than a caravan. When furnishing your Mopod cabin you have much more freedom and you can also add your personal touch to your mobile home.

Also, you can choose from a variety of sizes for your Mopod cabin. We have portable rooms that meet the needs of individuals, couples and families. Find out everything you need to know about Mopod Transportable Cabins here.

caravan hire vs mopod cabin hire

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