Choosing the Right Portable Classrooms for Your School

Choosing the Right Portable Classrooms for Your School

Portable Classrooms are great for schools who experiencing fast growing class numbers.

Ideal for age group segregation and have an increasing number of school subjects on the curriculum.

Many New Zealand schools have started to consider portable classroom buildings as a way of creating more space and improving resources.

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Portable classrooms have been used for many years by schools in New Zealand

Portable classrooms have proven very popular with pupils who enjoy the adventure of leaving the main school building to take their lessons!

Mopod can manufacture and deliver custom classroom buildings for your school

There are many portable buildings on the market today.

The beauty of these structures is that they don’t require planning permission and can be installed in a matter of hours.

You can choose the size and configuration of your buildings and also add bespoke features such as lighting, heating and even a mains water supply.

Whether you need new portable classrooms for a new lesson or you simply have a bigger intake of pupils, Mopod Portable Classrooms are ideal.

You can arrange for many portable classrooms to be installed on site at your school.

When choosing your portable classrooms you will find advice readily available.

You can choose the right size and select the most suitable features you need to meet your needs and the space you have available.

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Many portable classrooms in schools are erected on the outskirts of the playground or on a playing field

These are often the only areas that schools have free to have these buildings installed.

However the good news is that Mopod transportable buildings can be installed on any solid surface.

Giving you the freedom to plan your classes and place your classrooms where you need them.

The minimum size required to install a Mopod portable building is 6 by 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres in height.

Portable classrooms are designed as a temporary structure by their nature and their style of construction, they actually last for many years.

Your new classrooms will be built with care by fitters with years of experience in erecting and configuring portable buildings.

These transportable buildings offer a great deal of versatility and are also perfect if you are having major building works carried out on other areas of your school.

Allowing you to continue normal lessons without disruption. They are also perfect as office buildings and come in a wide range of floor plans.

You can find out more about portable buildings online where there is a host of companies offering these flexible accommodation options.

There are other types of portable constructions available such as portable offices and meeting rooms that can be positioned in the area of your choice.

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