Mobile Holiday Cabins for family and friends

Mobile Holiday Cabins for family and friends

Mobile Holiday Homes from Mopod NZ are an affordable, comfortable, and transportable living solution for your family and friends. Rent Mopod Mobile Holiday homes for the Summer season, we have rental options for $90 a week. Learn about the benefits in our blog post.

Always wanted your very own mobile holiday home? Now is the time to think about it!

Having a mobile holiday home is a wonderful alternative to a traditional holiday in a normal house or in a tent! It combines the best features of both: you feel as if you live in a normal house but you still have some mobility offered.

Why Mopod mobile holiday homes?

Owning one of our mobile holiday homes is an investment worth having! Enjoy your own quiet space or greet your guests on your covered veranda. Our experienced Mopod team can help you to find a solution, catering for all your short or long-term needs. All our mopod buildings are constructed to New Zealand building standards. Mopod mobile holiday homes can easily be transported to your future holiday section!

How to get Mopod mobile holiday homes

Visit our showroom
Come and see yourself ! We’ll arrange a time for you to view our  mobile holiday homes! Viewings: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

Choose your size and configurations
Mopod mobile studios, villas or cabins are available in a range of sizes and configurations and are completed to the highest quality of New Zealand building standards. We offer luxury mobile accommodation solutions for all our customers’ needs!

Rent one of our mobile holiday homes
Talk to us today about renting  your own Mopod!

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