SEHC Junior School Finds Mopod Portable Classrooms Excellent For Repositioning

SEHC Junior School Finds Mopod Portable Classrooms Excellent For Repositioning

Based in Otara, SEHC Junior School finds Mopod portable classrooms brilliant for small group teaching and handy for a private one to one meeting.

Mopod’s portable classrooms used as withdrawal rooms

Used for not just teaching, the portable classrooms have become useful for meetings like the Resource Teacher:

Learning & Behaviour (RTLB), Group Special Education (GSE) and RLIT.

Teachers now use the space to work without disturbance for planning and assessments.

Being creative with large classroom units

With rooms and space in high demand, SEHC Junior school ordered another large unit used as a kitchen area for their Garden To Table programme.

SEHC Junior school cleverly combined their units together into a L formation and built a shared deck creating a spill out space so in good weather it effectively doubles the space.

They were especially impressed with how easy it is to reposition the portable classrooms

With plans of also adding garden features – a pergola for a weather proof area makes the deck much more accessible all the time. Talking about being creative with Mopod’s!

Hear what our client had to say…
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We are using Mopod’s portable classrooms as withdrawal rooms for one to one and small group teaching. They have been brilliant for reading recovery, RTLB/GSE/RLIT meetings amd even a place where teachers can work uninterrupted for planning and assessment etc. With the rooms in high demand where we ordered another large Mopod  and used as a kitchen area for our garden to table programme. We have put the units into a L formation and built a shared deck to create a spill out space so in good weather the indoor outdoor effectively doubles the space. Later on we wish to put on a pergola and weather proof the area more so we can further extend the areas use.  At this stage we don’t plan to move the units but if need be the whole thing can be repositioned round the school at any time, its so handy! I would highly recommend Mopod and appreciated Rods assistance in putting it all together for us. –
John Shearer, Principal SEHC Junior School.

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