Do you need a spare room?

Do you need a spare room?

Do you need a spare room or extra room for your house? Are you expecting some temporary guests? Do you need a spare room to transform into an office? Rent a Transportable Mopod Building and start enjoying the spare room your house needed!

Think about the possibilities of having your own spare room

Sometimes when people buy houses they don’t take into account unexpected future needs.

What happens if you have a reasonably small house and the family grows? What if you have new business plans and you want to have an office at home? Or what if your mum comes to visit regularly and you don’t have enough rooms at home?

spare room

Maybe you always wanted to have your own spare room but you have a limited budget. Or maybe you don’t have enough time to build and add a new structure to your house.

Well, forget about these issues because with Mopod it’s so easy to have a spare room!

Quality Spare Rooms that last with Mopod

Even if you only need a spare room for a few months or want to own one permanently, Mopod is the solution. You can choose the right size and most suitable features you need for the space you have available.

Your Mopod spare room will last for many years. They’re built with care by men with years of experience in erecting and configuring portable buildings.

Mopod Portable spare rooms can be erected on any solid surface giving you the freedom to use it wherever you want.

Having a spare room at home is affordable and quick with Mopod

You can now have the extra room you need without the costs of building a new structure in your house. Mopod Portable Spare Rooms don’t require planning permission and can be installed in only a few hours.

You can choose the size and distribution of your new spare room Transportable building villa plans - Open Elevation Aboveand easily add lighting, heating or water supply facilities.

Your spare room will be easily transported to your house and removed when necessary.

Contact Mopod Portable Buildings and explain us how do you want your spare room to be! Weekly rental options start at $90 a week! If you are looking to rent, we can provide free quotes. Call our office at 0800 466 763.