Portable accommodation is cheap and comfortable

Portable accommodation is cheap and comfortable

Portable accommodation and transportable cabins are starting to take over the housing situation by storm. With the ‘tiny home’ trend starting in Sweden for a cost-effective way of living, there are now many options available to live smaller and more efficiently.

With some people opting for this trend to replace the more modern way of living, more people are now looking towards portable accommodation for extra space for a range of different needs.

Do you need a spare room, home office, games room, or more accommodation for family?

If you answered yes, then Mopod is the solution for you.

What makes Mopod portable accommodation different?

  • Fully Portable
  • Electrical Certification
  • Fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors
  • Data Cabling
  • Heat Pump
  • Internet
  • 1 Double or 2 single Power Points Built to NZ Standards
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Lockable Ranch Slider
  • 10m caravan lead for power connection

What’s good about getting Portable accommodation?

With Mopod portable accommodation, you can transport the studio’s to any location.  This means that Mopod’s are suitable for a variety of different needs.

Portable accommodation for Road Trips

There are many things that make accommodation benefit from being portable. As New Zealand takes a turn into the warmer weather, kiwi’s love to take road trips across the island and make sure they get looks at the best beach’s in NZ.

Instead of having to rent a caravan, crash on a friend’s couch, or spend a fortune on multiple batches – Mopod will provide reliable accommodation that can stick with you from beach to beach, and stay for the long-haul.

Portable accommodation for Second homes

If you have a second holiday home, Mopod works perfectly as extra accommodation perched on the land. Once the accommodation has been used up for the holiday period, you can bring your Mopod home to act as the granny flat, home gym, or for which ever purpose you wish for.

Portable accommodation for Friends and Family

When friends and family come to stay, it can sometimes be a hassle to make the couch look like a proper bed. With Mopod, you can interchangeably use it as a transportable holiday home, lend it. to the family when they come to stay, or even rent it out to friends who need a place to crash

So what do you say?

Say yes to portable accommodation. Don’t wait around, contact us today for our prices, packages, and deliveries! Free call 0800 466 763 and we will provide you with a quote.


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