Portable buildings for rent ideal for family, home office or Airbnb!

Portable buildings for rent ideal for family, home office or Airbnb!

Portable buildings to rent Auckland wide. Ideal for family, friends, home-office or Airbnb.  All Mopods are built just like a house with a quality timber frame, insulation, coloursteel roof, windows, ranchslider, carpet, wiring for power and internet. Ready to transport with a car or 4×4. Call 0800 466 763.

Earn Income From Mopod Portable Buildings

RentMopod portable buildings and rent them out. Add furniture such as a bed and desk and then create an online listing. Earn extra income through services such as Airbnb when you rent out your portable cabins. Your Transportable cabins will pay themselves off in no time! Ask about customisation options when you contact Rod and the team, call 0800 466 763.

Portable Buildings for rent come with Multiple Purposes

When you purchase your portable building from Mopod, you will discover immediately that you have many options with how you could use your portable building. Here are some of the most popular uses for our portable buildings for rent:

  • The Mopod portable buildings are perfect for home offices. You can easily fit a couple of desks and office chairs.
  • Rent a portable building and use it as an extra bedroom for family or friends.

Enquire about Mopod Portable Buildings for rent

Ask our team about which Mopod portable building would be the best fit for you by talking to a Mopod team member! Contact the Mopod team by free calling 0800 466 763 or sending an online enquiry here. We provide no obligation quotes, so please feel free to send an enquiry! Follow our team on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google Plus to get our latest news and updates.