Portable Cabins for Rent are perfect for your Expansion Plans

Portable Cabins for Rent are perfect for your Expansion Plans

Portable cabins for rent throughout New Zealand. Mopod’s are one of the finest options available for your expansion plans. All of our Mopod portable cabins meet the highly rated New Zealand building standards. Ask our team about our $90 a week package for rentals of at least 3 months. Learn why Mopod portable cabins are right for your expansion needs.

Built by Kiwis for Kiwis! Rent your portable cabins today

We use top quality New Zealand building materials for our Mopod portable cabins. The result is you will be gaining a fully insulated, comfortable, and high quality portable cabin. We follow New Zealand’s highly rated building standards, this means your portable cabin meets (if not) exceeds the building health and safety regulations.

Join the portable lifestyle with Mopod cabins for rent

You may have heard of the tiny house movement, it’s a social movement which we’re very proud to be apart of. It’s the idea of people choosing to downsize the space they live in for more modest and conservative reasons. It’s a growing movement, which continues to attract the attention of news agencies such as CNN and the NZ Herald.

Being environmental conscious of the space you consume plays a large part into the reason for building towards a smaller structure. This movement has allowed many people to save money and focus on more meaningful things rather than worrying about their mortgages or other housing costs.

Contact our team about our portable cabins for rent

Our experienced team would love to talk to you about how we can meet your building expansion needs. We work with a wide range of clients from businesses to family households. Our portable cabins for rent are excellent for classrooms, studios, or offices. Feel free to contact our team at 0800 466 763 or follow the link below.

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