Portable Classrooms for Rent Available Auckland wide

Portable Classrooms for Rent Available Auckland wide

Mopod have Portable Classrooms for Rent! Whether you are preparing for an increase in class sizes or looking for a flexible expansion option. We have a solution that can meet both your short and long terms needs.

Join the movement! Portable Classrooms for Rent

A popular option by schools for many years. Choosing one of our portable classrooms for rent has many benefits. Firstly, they do not require planning permission! The setup process can take a matter of hours. 

For schools, it is very important to make sure the your students and staff are comfortable. A mopod is a no compromise solution. You can choose your preferred size and dimensions. We have options with lighting, heating, and even a mains water supply option.  

Choosing the Right Portable Classrooms for Rent

Portable Classrooms for rent is an option that gives schools a cost effective, time-saving solution. We understand that our clients have their own specific needs and requirements.

The flexible design allows for you to add or move the portable classrooms as your needs change. We have experienced specialists that can provide a free quote and consultation. This will make sure you know you are getting the best outcome for your needs.

Many options available with our Portable Classrooms for Rent

The Portable Classrooms for rent options are designed to cover a large range of requirements.

Our transportable rooms are not limited to just classrooms. We have clients that use the buildings for meeting rooms, libraries, staff rooms and even small lecture rooms. 

Our builders approach every job knowing that all of our clients are different. We will find a solution that meets your specific needs and guide you throughout the entire process. You will never feel lost or overwhelmed.   

Call Rod Baker on 0800 466 763 and he will provide you with a fast quote.

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