Portable office hire Auckland for price, quality fittings and 5 star service!

Portable office hire Auckland for price, quality fittings and 5 star service!

Portable office hire Auckland case studies for our most recent portable office hire customers in Auckland. Merran Lawler works closely with the community of Waiheke Island. She needed office space and started looking for portable office hire. Merran works from home on Waiheke but didn’t have enough room so our Mopod Office was ideal for her. She gave us a call and discussed what she required. We delivered her very own Mopod Office taking the Auckland ferry to Waiheke.

A very big thank you to Merran Lawler for a 5 star review 🙂

Outstanding service – Rod was really easy to deal with (even relocating the cabin when the first location proved to be less the ideal) and the cabin itself is divine – quality fittings, well built little oasis! Thanks Rod and team – could not imagine why anyone would look elsewhere for their transportable building. AAA++++”

Bus Travel NZ Ltd at Auckland Airport use Mopod Portable office hire

One of our clients Bus Travel NZ Ltd, needed two problems solved. First they required portable accommodation for their bus drivers who needed to sleep on site before starting their long distance bus tour drives. We advised the Mopod Studio as the ideal solution for accommodation.

Second, they needed a lunch room for their bus drivers who worked driving from the Park and Drive at the Auckland Airport. We advised the Mopod Office space ideal to be set up for a dedicated lunch room.

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We can arrange portable office hire Auckland for your location of choice. We have rental options from $90 a week for 3 month minimum lease periods. Ask us about our purchase options. Free call 0800 466 763 and we will provide you with a quote. Follow our team on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google Plus to get our latest news and updates.