Portable Office Hire Solutions For Your Projects

Portable Office Hire Solutions For Your Projects

We provide portable office hire options for clients throughout New Zealand. Mopod Portable Buildings is a 100% owned and operated New Zealand portable accommodation company. Our portable office hire options are a very popular solution for businesses. For $90 a week, you can have a versatile, comfortable and spacious portable office cabin at your specified location. We have portable office cabins for every industry. Here are our most popular uses of a Mopod Portable Office Cabin:

On site Portable Office Hire

Many of our clients require portable office hire because they need to setup a temporary on-site office. Clients operating in the construction industry require an on-site office so that they can ensure the project runs smoothly. We rent out portable offices from 3 months and up to 12 months at a time. There have also been situations where we had to extend the lease period beyond the 12 month agreement. This is no problem to arrange, the client only needs to give us a call to let us know of the extension. View our Transportable Office Building Gallery to see more.

Temporary Portable Office Hire

It is very common for businesses and education institutes to complete building expansions on their property. When this happens, more often than not, your staff members will need to relocate to a temporary office location. This is where the Mopod portable offices come in handy. Organise for your staff to work from a portable office cabin from $90 a week. Our portable cabins are built like a house, we use premium New Zealand building materials. You and your staff will enjoy the comfort of a fully insulated portable office. View our Transportable Office Building plans.

Portable Office Hire for Homes

A portable building office is perfect for creating your own dedicated space to work from home. If you have a space of 6 x 3 metres wide on your property, we can definitely set up your very own portable office. Check out our frequently asked questions section to learn more about our portable office hire solutions.

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