Portable Rooms for all your individual needs

Portable Rooms for all your individual needs

You already have a big house but there is still not enough room for all the family? Then extend your home with Portable Rooms from Mopod Portable Buildings NZ. Whether you need a separate study, another bedroom or your own personal gym – Mopod Portable Rooms makes it possible.

What is the purpose of Portable Rooms?

When building a house we have so much to think about, that sometimes we forget that we might need more space and rooms than initially planned. Maybe because the family is growing, the parents can’t live on their own anymore or simply due to a new hobby. However, to alter a house is often not really easy and takes a lot of time, effort and of course money.

Mopod Portable Buildings NZ has the perfect solution for this problem – Portable Rooms. Extending has never been so easy, the only thing you need is an area of 6 by 3 metres wide with 3.5 metres in height in your backyard to install your Portable Room. Since our Cabins have fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors it’s possible to use it all year around.

Ways to use Portable Rooms

Our Portable Rooms are built to NZ building standards and can be utilised in many different ways. It can be used as a room for family members such as teenagers, elderly parents or a place for infants to play. Furthermore, it’s the perfect place for a hobby room. Whether you use it as a gym, a separate study, a bar or a movie room – there are no restrictions. If you want to see more way on how to utilise your Portable room read our Blog post about 10 Different Ways to Utilise Portable Cabins NZ.

Other benefits of Portable Rooms

However, Portable Rooms are not only the perfect solution for your backyard. You also have the possibility to travel with it. Whether you plan on going on a weekend trip or for a whole week, everything is possible. Also, when you come back from your journey you can easily install it in your backyard until you need it again.

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