Rent Portable Sleepouts NZ Wide for your family

Rent Portable Sleepouts NZ Wide for your family

Portable sleepouts NZ wide. Are you looking for an extra room at home? Mopod have portable offices and studios available for delivery right now. The Mopod portable buildings are built using the highest quality materials. Our expert team have been building Mopods for Kiwi’s since 2010.

Portable Sleepouts in NZ are great for expanding your Property

Whether you have an extra guest at your house or want to give the kids an extra playroom, portable buildings are a really great option for you. With New Zealand’s housing market all over the place, a portable sleepout from Mopod is an affordable way of expanding your property. In most regions, you don’t need building consents to setup one of our Mopods.

Comfort is Assured when you Rent Portable Sleepouts NZ

Some portable sleepouts aren’t very good at dealing with the colder conditions of winter. With a Mopod portable sleepout, you’ll never have to worry about anyone getting sick when they’re inside one of our Mopod’s. Relax during the night or be very comfortable working from your portable building during the day. Our team will never compromise on your comfort.

Portable Sleepouts NZ are made to the Highest Standards

The Mopod team take great pride in the quality of the portable sleepouts that they produce. These aren’t the standard portable buildings that you see around town, our Mopod’s are both functional and comfortable. We approach building a Mopod similar to how a house is built, this results in a portable sleepout that is warm, spacious, and comfortable.

We never compromise on quality and neither should you! From as little as $90.00 a week, you can rent your very own portable sleepout. Get in touch with our team to get a free quote or to arrange a meeting. With no obligation required, why not contact us now. Free call 0800 466 763 and we will provide you with a quote.

Call Rod Baker on 0800 466 763 and he will provide you with a fast quote.

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