Mopod Relocatable Offices are the perfect solution for UBT!

Mopod Relocatable Offices are the perfect solution for UBT!

Mopod is the perfect solution if you’re looking for relocatable offices in New Zealand.

If you need office space urgently we can help you with our quality relocatable portable offices.

Whatever the reason may be, Mopod portable cabins are great for work spaces, renovations, new factory or buildings being built or moving to a new premise.

Our Client UBT are using Mopod Relocatable Offices

UBT were running out of space and urgently needed extra office space and found Mopod as the perfect solution to their situation.

Mopod relocatable offices are built for NZ weather conditions

We fitted all our Mopod relocatable offices with a heat pump and Internet cabling. All Mopod’s are completed to the highest quality of New Zealand building standards. Mopod’s are built for comfort and functionality.

Affordable, easy, versatile, and comfortable

Our client was very pleased with the quality of their Mopod that they ordered another one!

We design and build all relocatable office buildings with quality building materials

Two Mopod relocatable offices were built, delivered and set up for UBT in Auckland

Both units are 6 x 2.7 metres. Hear what our client had to say:

After driving past a Mopod cabin every day, I suddenly noticed this would be the perfect solution to our situation. One cabin quickly created three more office spaces and was such a perfect fit. The GM was so pleased with the result and we wanted a little extra room, so we ordered a second one. From start to finish, and including the price, Mopod was by far the best company to deal with. We now have two cosy, air conditioned, cabins that are such a great place to work in. I would recommend Mopod to anyone! –Andrew Scarlett, UBT.

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