Rent Portable Cabins NZ Wide For Your Summer Needs

Rent Portable Cabins NZ Wide For Your Summer Needs

Rent Portable Cabins NZ wide from the Mopod team. Portable cabins are perfect for adding extra rooms onto your property. A Mopod portable cabin for rent is a fantastic house expansion solution.

Whether you have guests visiting overseas or feel as though you need a little more space for yourself, a Mopod portable cabin is a very versatile and comfortable option.

Rent Portable Cabins NZ Wide For Your Holiday

We receive many enquires regarding Mopod availability during the holiday season. There are many factors to consider when people prepare for additional guests or make plans to visit their favourite local holiday destination.

One of the first things people consider are their accommodation options. Some common questions include “do we have enough room for these extra guests?” or people ask “should we rent a holiday room?” The Mopod portable cabins for rent are an excellent option for addressing your accommodation needs.

Rent and Setup Your Portable Cabins in New Zealand

Once you have arranged to own or rent your Mopod portable cabin, our team will aim for a quick and efficient delivery. As our showroom offices are located in Auckland, we are able to delivery very quickly in the Auckland region.

We can also make the appropriate arrangements if you require delivery outside of Auckland. If you want to pick up your Mopod Cabin yourself, please feel free to do so! Our delivery options are very versatile. When you receive your Mopod, please feel free to share pictures of your Mopod to our Facebook page!

Get Ready for Summer and Rent Portable Cabins NZ Wide!

Summer is almost here, get ready for the holiday season and rent your portable cabins from Mopod today. Rental prices start from just $90.00 a week! Contact our team online or free call 0800 466 763 so we can help accommodate both you and your holiday guests.


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