Rent a Room for Sleepout in New Zealand

Rent a Room for Sleepout in New Zealand

Rent a Room for Sleepout from $90 a week! Are you looking for an accommodation solution?

Mopod Portable Cabins are perfect for accommodating a range of guests.

Rent a room for sleepout and easily setup a comfy bed to rest in.

Mopod Portable Cabins have the look and feel of a luxurious accommodation unit.

All Mopod Portable Cabins are custom built from our Onehunga location and we can deliver and setup the sleepout to your location.

Why Rent a Mopod Portable Sleepout?

The process of designing and building a Mopod Portable Sleepout is like building a house.

We consider spacing requirements, lighting, insulation and many other factors similar to building a luxurious home.

All Mopod Portable cabins are fully insulated and built using premium New Zealand building materials.

Book a showroom viewing to see our Mopod Portable Sleepout up close and personal! Call our Showroom office at 0800 466 763.

Rent a Room for Sleepout

We have portable sleepouts available for rent or outright purchase.

We have clients who rent from three to twelve month periods from around $90 a week (*prices vary on unit).

If you are interested in purchasing a Mopod portable sleepout, that is no problem at all.

Mopod’s that are purchased are designed and built brand new, we can custom build the portable cabins to your specific requirements.

Rental options include:

  • Mopod Office: 6.0m x 2.7m
  • Mopod Bedroom: (studio) 4.8m x 2.4m
  • Mopod Classroom: 4.8m x2.4m & 6m x 2.7m

Get in touch for further information about our range of Mopod Portable Cabins.

Contact Rod Baker for a Tailored Quote

Get in touch with Rod Baker and the Mopod Portable Buildings team for a no obligation quote.

Discuss with us your needs and we’ll recommend the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Give our office a call at 0800 466 763 or use our online contact form below.

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