Special Education Classrooms available for Rent or Purchase in New Zealand

Special Education Classrooms available for Rent or Purchase in New Zealand

Special education classrooms from Mopod are perfect for schools who are currently (or planning to) run their own special education class. For most New Zealand schools, classrooms are not currently suitable for special education purposes and modifying them may come at a large costs. A Mopod special edition classroom can be an ideal solution for schools who require special education facilities. Learn more in our blog post. 

Schools or Educational institutions can now avoid the costs of building and reforming classrooms. With Mopod they will only have to adapt the new portable Special Educational Classroom for their special education needs.

Add Special Education Classrooms to your school for a wider Education Program

Nowadays schools have to be adapted to every type of student. Every pupil is different and classrooms have to be ready to give proper education to each one of them. Kids with Special needs require extra attention and adaptation. Normally used school desks and chairs are not suitable for special education students and their handlers. Special education classrooms with facilities such as a pediatric positioning chair is essential for all special education children to be able to learn.

At school or during therapy sessions, it is important to have special education classrooms to position children. This way you make sure they can benefit from all the educational programs. Is your school not ready to properly educate every student that enter the classroom? In Mopod, you will find the best offer for special education classrooms.

Built, delivered, and ready to use Special Education Classrooms

Mopod special education classrooms have many advantages for schools. Our Special Education Classroom structures do not require planning permission and can be installed in a matter of hours. You can choose the size and model of your special education classroom.

You can also add accommodation facilities such as lighting, heating and even a mains water supply. Our portable special education classrooms can be placed on any solid surface which is at minimum 6 by 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres in height. This gives you the freedom to plan your classes and place your special education classrooms wherever you need them.

It doesn’t matter if your only free area is in the playground or in a playing field. The special education classroom will be installed and ready to use wherever you want!

Rely on Mopod to rent your Special Education Classrooms

Some portable special educational classrooms are designed as a temporary structure. But don’t worry! Our special education classrooms are highly resistant to every weather condition and can last for many years!

You do not have to worry about the installation process of your special education classroom. Our Mopod installation team have many years of experience and will work with care and professionalism. Once the special education classroom is installed, you can adapt it and personalise it however you want. Also, you will not have to interrupt the normal rhythm of lessons in your school. The special Education Classroom can be installed so easily you won’t even notice! Contact our team for a free consultation by completing our online contact form or calling 0800 466 763.

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