Top 5 Reasons to Rent Transportable Cabins From Mopod NZ

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Transportable Cabins From Mopod NZ

Transportable cabins serve a range of personal and professional needs. Need to accommodate extra guests at your home? Install a transportable cabin! Working from home is far more convenient when you have your own dedicated space. Rent a transportable cabin from $90 a week or for a more permanent fixture, purchase our transportable cabins.

What are Transportable Cabins?

Transportable cabins are portable accommodation solutions that are built from our Auckland showroom office. All Mopod’s are built using premium New Zealand building materials. The cabin frame is made of high quality timber and every portable cabin has a COLORSTEEL roof installed.

Our most popular configurations include the Mopod Office, Mopod Bedroom, Mopod Classroom and Mopod Villa (* the Mopod Villa is only available for purchase). Regardless of which option you select, every Mopod portable cabin is fully insulated using Pink Batts and also has carpet, lighting and power points installed.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Transportable Cabins:

The Mopod transportable cabin can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a short term rental agreement or a long term option, we’ll arrange the right Mopod portable cabin for you. There are many reasons for renting or purchasing a transportable cabin but these are our most popular reasons:

Give the kids their own Playroom

Mopod transportable cabins are perfect for helping clients manage their fast growing families. A Mopod cabin can be a great option for expanding the available space at your home. Give the kids their own dedicated playroom and install a Mopod cabin. All you need is a space of 6m x 3m wide and 3.5 metres in height to install a Mopod portable cabin.

Perfect for accommodating extra Guests

If you need to accommodate extra guests at your home. Rent a Mopod Portable cabin! We have portable sleepouts that are designed to be incredibly comfortable during the cooler winter season or scorching summer season. Your guests will be well taken care off when they rest in a Mopod Portable Sleepout.

Gain Extra Office Space

If you work from home and require your own office space, rent a transportable cabin for $90 a week! Setup your office space in a comfortable Mopod Portable Office. A portable office will make it easier for you to arrange your office documents and have your own designated space so you can avoid any distractions. You can also use a Mopod office as an on-site office.

Dedicated Meeting Room

A Mopod transportable office is great to use as a dedicated meeting room. When schools go through renovation periods, their existing facilities become unavailable to use. To help accommodate staff, schools often rent transportable offices so that staff can still have their own dedicated space.

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