We provide Quality Transportable Rental Homes

We provide Quality Transportable Rental Homes

Here at Mopod, we are focused on providing high quality transportable rental homes at a reasonable price. All of our transportable rental homes have been constructed to New Zealand building standards. Each home is made with quality timber and is fully insulated. The cabins are all clean, spacious and warm.

The portable homes are built in a modern and stylish way while still remaining neutral. This makes them the perfect addition to any home. We have received excellent feedback about the quality of our homes. Read about what our customers have to say here. We are sure you will love our cabins as much as they do!

Our transportable rental homes are ideal if you need an extra bedroom

Do you have a family member coming to stay but don’t have enough room? Our transportable cabins are the perfect solution. Most NZ council allow portable accommodation on your section without a permit, if it is less than 10 square metres in area.

Our cabins are available to rent and provide the perfect short term solution when you need a bit of extra room. Your guests will be warm and comfortable in one of our cabins!

Our transportable rental homes can be moved by car or 4wd

Our rental homes can be transported easily by car. They are ideal for any location, home or holiday section. You can take our cabins anywhere! They can be relocated easily, so don’t waste time building a non transportable cabin!

If you are nervous to transport it yourself, give us a call! We offer delivery options. If you are worried about access roads, we can also help. We will get your cabin where you need it! It’s our priority to help you arrange and deliver your cabin. Free call 0800 466 763 and we will provide you with a quote.