Youthline NZ has a brand new mobile office space in Auckland Central!

Youthline NZ has a brand new mobile office space in Auckland Central!

Mopod is very proud to have been selected to provide mobile office space to Youthline NZ! We worked with the management team for over 12 months and we delivered the studio office this year.

The Youthline councillors are thrilled to work in our modern and very comfortable mobile offices. This additional mobile office space has allowed much more space to the Auckland Central location.

As One councillors, said they are better than the offices in the Main Building!

Youth Line first contacted us when we first started and it took over 12 months to get the go ahead. They are very happy with their Mopod Offices and would like to purchase them in the future.

Mopod transportable Offices provide affordable mobile office space you have to see for yourself! All our Mopod mobile offices have been constructed to New Zealand building standards.

Mopod Offices have been specifically designed to compliment any existing buildings or your home with its stylish, modern yet neutral design.

Each Mopod Office is built with treated timber and fully insulated making the relocatable units cool in summer and warm in winter, which makes it perfect as a site office, Manager’s office or home office.

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