Portable Accommodation Solutions For Your Property

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Portable Bedrooms for Family and Friends!

High quality Portable Accommodation Auckland is now affordable! Do you require an additional room for your family or have you always wanted your own hobby room? Are you looking to expand or start your own business? Read more below about our Portable Accommodation Auckland… YOU can choose to RENT or BUY your own Mopod Transportable Studio,


Mobile Holiday Cabins for family and friends

Mobile Holiday Homes from Mopod NZ are an affordable, comfortable, and transportable living solution for your family and friends. Rent Mopod Mobile Holiday homes for the Summer season, we have rental options for $80 a week. Learn about the benefits in our blog post. Always wanted your very own mobile holiday home? Now is the


Portable office buildings for rent you can trust for quality and price.

Portable office buildings for rent. We setup a Mopod Office building for our client robynlabbkitchens.com! They are very happy with their portable office buildings. Check out the photos and see how great their home office is. Don’t spend hours in traffic when you could work from home! Give us a call to view our portable office buildings