What are the basics of transportable accommodation hire?

What are the basics of transportable accommodation hire?

Transportable accommodation hire is a simple process with Mopod NZ. Unlike hiring a house or an apartment, transportable accommodation hire is not about “location, location, location”. In fact, choosing the right mobile home can even be easier than choosing a house. Here are three simple steps.

Plan a budget for your transportable accommodation hire

The variety of transportable accommodation hire options Mopod offers can fit almost any budget. Have a look at our website to see for yourself. Mopod rentals start $90 a week and are perfect for 3-12 month rental periods.

Some questions to consider are “How much can I afford to spend?” and “Is renting right for me or should I consider purchase?” Give us a call to discuss queries like “What will power cost?” and “What about water bills?”

You may also have to consider land rent, unless your transportable accommodation hire is for your own property.

Choose the size of your transportable accommodation hire

Mopod offers a wide range of studios and villas. If you have specific requirements, ask us about customisation options.

Wondering if your belongings will fit? Have a look at the floor plans available on our website. You’ll find pictures of the spacious rooms, fully functional kitchens and bathrooms, and even deck lounges.

Depending on the size of your family or the expanse of land, we have a transportable accommodation hire that would be just right for you.

Learn how a transportable accommodation hire works

Looking after a mobile home can be easier than maintenance of a whole house. They are more energy-efficient, for example. The best way to understand and decide on a transportable accommodation for hire is to see it for yourself, in person! Book a showroom viewing with us today and enjoy a walk-through. Call 0800 466 763 or book online.

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