Portable Granny Flats For Rent in Auckland

Portable Granny Flats For Rent in Auckland

Portable Granny flats for rent are available in New Zealand. Mopod Portable Building is a New Zealand based business which aims to provide everybody with affordable yet high quality portable accommodation solutions. We have three different types of portable granny flats for rent. Mopod offers studios, classrooms and office cabins. Contact Mopod today for a chat about renting or owning your very own Mopod granny flat today.

Portable and Affordable Whilst Being High Quality and Luxury

Mopod Cabins meet the above description as they are:

  • Very portable! Mopod’s can be installed in most backyards as they only need an area of 6 by 3 metres wide with 3.5 metres in height to install. Once ordered they are shipped straight from our backyard to yours and quickly installed.
  • Extremely comfortable. The Mopod cabins are luxurious as they are built with materials of the highest quality. They are beautifully designed looking great inside and out because the fixtures and fittings were selected to be good looking yet practical.

Mopod Portable Granny Flats For Rent are High Quality

These Mopod cabins are so useful because they are so liveable and have everything you need. All your needs are met as all portable cabins are fully insulated, have tinted windows, and a COLORSTEEL roof installed. This makes sure that you are comfortable and protected from the elements. Mopod portable cabins are high quality and reliable as they are built using NZ’s excellent building standards.

Contact Mopod Portable Buildings Today

Mopod offers finance through MTF Henderson if you are planning to purchase a Mopod portable cabin. This is just another example of how Mopod will work to find a solution for you. Mopod will work with you through the whole process. So talk to us today via our website or free call us at 0800 466 763.


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