Enjoy the Flexibility of Portable Cabins for Rent NZ

Enjoy the Flexibility of Portable Cabins for Rent NZ

Portable Cabins for Rent NZ wide. Avoid the hassle of visiting property after property searching for that right office space. Simply expand the space of your current home or business with a Mopod Portable Cabin. Learn about why portable cabins for rent are perfect for your expansion needs.

What are Mopod Portable Cabins?

A Mopod Portable cabin is an exceptional portable solution which is very versatile for both short and long term accommodation needs. Mopod’s are fully insulated and built using high quality building materials. A space of approximately 6 by 3 meters is all you need to install a Mopod portable cabin.

Portable Cabins for Rent NZ are perfect for your Home & Office

We have a lot of customers who come to us because they were tired of not having their own personal room to use as an office or even a quiet space to relax in. Renting a Mopod Portable cabin is a quick and easy solution for having your own comfortable space. From just $80.00 a week, you will gain a very cost effective, versatile, and spacious portable cabin.

Avoid being locked into a long term lease and Rent a Mopod

Renting an office in New Zealand is a very big commitment. Short term lease agreements can range from 12 to 36 months. A lot can happen in that time, you may need to relocate to a larger office or you might not have any further use for an office space. Regardless, it is a very annoying process to get out of a lease agreement.

It fits perfectly at the front of our property, it is the ideal space for my home business. Plus it is cost effective and I’m not locked into a long lease. -Tina

Portable Cabins for rent are an excellent short term solution as we have renting options ranging from 3-12 months. If you need to arrange an extension to your Mopod lease, just let our team know! Contact Rod and the team today so we can arrange a quote to meet your portable cabin needs.

Contact our team to learn more about Portable Cabins for Rent NZ

Feel free to contact Rod and the team for any questions you have regarding renting or buying a Mopod portable cabin in New Zealand. You can use our contact form below or free call 0800 466 763 and we will provide you with a no obligation quote.